Extant Fair: It’s All Part of the Experience

Extant Fair is a design studio and purveyor of finely crafted clothing and goods in Savannah, Georgia. Nearing their first anniversary, BHG recently launched their e-commerce site, growing the business and extending the store’s brand and presence.

Extant Fair had several specifications for their new site. First, as a street-side boutique, they wanted the shopping experience to translate naturally into the virtual realm. The site, therefore, needed to be organized like the store, allowing Internet shoppers to navigate through the product exactly as they would on the ground. Extant next wanted to solidify their brand, reflecting the visually-based architecture of their inventory. However, with a young and growing business, the shop also needed the ability to regularly edit their site’s design to reflect changing seasons, new product, and evolving tastes. Finally, Extant needed to sell its items through an approachable point-of-sale system.


Extant Fair Macro


Extant’s new site strategically addresses many of these needs. After creating a custom CMS template, BHG altered it again to allow the boutique maximum editing capability to fine-tune their message as the business matures. The site also features various navigational systems to give users the feeling of browsing their boutique. Shoppers can begin browsing immediately, skipping from one product to the next as in the studio, or search by the navigational links traditional to the web. BHG also integrated a visually-based Shopp function to make the purchase process clear and approachable.


Extant Fair Shopp


Though other businesses have many of these same needs, the studio proves that translating a brand or product online can be more meaningful and methodical than just applying a standard color palette or font.


Together, BHG and Extant Fair mapped out how the typical shopper interacts with their studio space—from entrance to purchase—and applied that process to the three-dimensional field of the web. We worked with Extant to closely replicate the experience that results from visiting their very unique and explorative studio, translating it online. What is unique to your brand experience? How can you ensure that web users receive this same experience? It’s all part of your total offering, and definitely worth a second thought when extending your business online.

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