Brands big and small we’ve been lucky enough to work with some great ones along the way.

Whether you are a small startup or a global brand, bighouse graphix was founded on relationships and we believe that the first project is just the beginning of a long-term and successful partnership.

Don’t take our word for it though. Ask around.

“We have worked with bighouse for several years now. Over the years they have grown into a powerhouse of talent and professionalism that is bar-non the best in the industry. Our dollars continue to be well spent with bighouse.”

- Dan Cooper, Cooper Hunting Industries

“These guys rock it: they work fast, they get it, they combine great listening skills with the passion to take the clients ideas to the next level while still honoring the clients original intent.  One of my fave vendors to work with, and when it comes to creativity, deadlines, and clients with intense demands, there’s no one I want more in my foxhole than big house.”

- Dan Simons, VSAG Restaurant Consulting

“We have been working with the bighouse team for a few years now. They have done a fantastic job with the rebranding of the Thunderbird Inn and in the creation of new ventures that are underway now. My guests as well as peers around town are blown away with what we produce; these guys are a huge part of it. They have tapped into the vibe of the Tbird and taken it supersonic!”

- Mark Thomas, The Thunderbird Inn

“The usual mantra with designers is “deadline; quality; price– you choose two.” bighouse graphix consistently provides all three AND their design talent is obvious. They are a valuable part of what I can offer my clients.”

- Ray Camillo, Blue Orbit Consulting

“I was in the middle of opening my restaurant and didn’t have any time to think about a website.  bighouse took the lead, and with very little time from me, designed the exact website I wanted!  I couldn’t believe how easy it was!  They were professional, creative, and very flexible!  Thank you Steve and everybody at bighouse!”

- Jim Nichols, JNichols Restaurant

“bighouse graphix has done (and is still doing) a phenomenal job putting us on the map. We have received more response in the first month our website was live than the previous year total. Their excitement is contagious and their knowledge and professionalism is priceless. They were able to capture our essence and give us a whole new look and energy. We are excited about continuing the partnership with bighouse graphix and look forward to growing with them.”

- Tracy M. McMahon, CoCo's Sunset Grille


“Bighouse designed my website and business cards 3 years ago and has worked on several updates since then. They do a top-notch professional job with the design. But just as important, they are a super nice group of people! My site looks exactly how i want it and working with Bighouse is always a pleasure.”

- Lisa Lancaster, Lancaster Veterinary


“bighouse graphix always surprises me with the creativity they bring to a project. I know when Bighouse is at work, “mundane” will not be seen anywhere.”

- Rich Mays, Sonare Recordings


“We love the site and have heard many great comments from our new and old customers. Everything works great and is easy to use for a e-commerce site. We also appreciate the effort to bring the whole look together with new business cards, sales brochures and a large roll up banner. Bighouse graphix was very easy to work with and more than exceeded our expectations. Thanks.”

- Jim Godwin, Phantasias Jewelry