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For our existing and new clients, we an annual hosting services.  Unlike many other outfits, we do not charge a “monthly maintenance fee” but rather provide our clients an annual and affordable maintenance agreement that keeps their site running smoothly.  Lose your files? Accidentally delete emails? Tired of spam? Our hosting and email package include regular backups and continous monitoring for malicious activity.

Annual Hosting

•  20 gigabytes of storage
•  Nightly backups of entire site and database (to include any ecommerce or forum database and transactions)
•  Malware scanning
•  Full CPanel access for admin privileges
•  FTP Access

Services to include:
•  Updates to WordPress platform
•  Updates and configuration of related plugins
•  Updates and configuration of security plugins/logins to prevent malicious/brute force attacks
•  Updates, renewal and configuration of any ecommerce related plugins*
•  Annual SSL rekey and install

Total Cost:  $245 Annually*

Sleep easy, your files are good with us.

Interested in moving your current site or setting up a new one? We would love to answer any questions you may have, feel free to call us at 912.233.5030 or complete the form below.

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If you have an existing website that was not built by us or is not built on WordPress and you wish to purchase one of our hosting plans, we will need to review your site prior to any hosting agreement. Please contact us at [email protected]

* Annual domain cost has not been factored in. We suggest all clients secure and manage their own domain which usually runs $10 to $16 a year.  With 24 hour service, excellent support and an English speaking staff, we always recommend GoDaddy for domains.

* SSL certificates for ecommerce and secure transactions have not been factored into annual hosting if required. Annual certificate cost is $69 which is an additional cost. All ecommerce sites for the exception of PayPal standard require an SSL for online transactions

* Any 3rd party vendors or services such as newsletter or database management services have not been factored in to annual hosting and are the responsibility of the client. bighouse can secure and maintain any 3rd party services upon review and quote.

Our preferred content platform is WordPress and you will find that 23% of the world agrees. Its no cost platform, offering flexibility, security and community of open source users around the world make it the perfect CMS for any site, no matter how complex.