Extending Your Brand without Dissolving Your Brand

It’s often natural for a company to employ various creatives when building their brand. For instance, a business might contract a local sign company to design and manufacture their street presence, an established firm to design their logo, and a freelance designer to create their collateral print pieces. While it’s fine to have this sort of piecemeal approach, it’s important to focus on your brand message to manage it successfully. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability or discipline to do this and the ugly reality is that when this type of work is outsourced to several different parties, brands very often become fragmented, incoherent, and weakened. Even worse, it can be confusing to your audience as an amateur approach can send a mixed message.

The trick is to maintain your brand voice, no matter the piece or the creator.

You—and those you hire for your creative work—should be able to extend your brand, translating it into various media by holding onto the characteristics and the voice that make your particular brand unique. South is just one example of how we’ve continued a brand’s conversation with its audience. South is a bar, restaurant, and event venue located in Nashville, Tennessee. They already had a strong identity in place through a logo and website when they approached bighouse graphix for a catering brochure and Facebook branding. The result is a message and social media platform that embodies the South brand, matching the tone, language, and execution of their current style and direction. The work blends harmoniously into their brand aesthetic, and further communicates South’s identity. Download a copy of their brochure here or take a look below to see our work with this client. Also, ask yourself—does my brand communicate a focused message and creative direction, or am I confusing my clients and diluting my brand identity?


South Facebook 

South Brochure 

See how these elements function within the South brand here.

Visit their facebook page here.