5 Resolutions for Businesses in 2013

The holiday season has come to a close, and with it, 2012. As we head back into the daily grind and a into a fresh new year, it’s only customary to contemplate the new positive adjustments we’ll make for 2013.

It’s resolution time, and bighouse has created a list of business-oriented goals to reach for in 2013. Inspired by our own resolutions and our experience with other businesses, we’ve pin-pointed some little changes that can have a huge impact in maintaining a fresh voice and perspective.

1. I resolve to review my website.

You paid for it—Now get your money’s worth. Update your site in content, tone, and intent. Are there any dead links? Are you still talking to the same customers? Take a jaunt through your website to ensure that it’s still appropriate for your business and audience. Also, we need to critically assess whether our calls to action are meaningful to our audiences and amend those that aren’t.

2. I resolve to make more time to plan and promote my business.

Make developing your business a priority and designate some time to it. Have a weekly, monthly, or quarterly meeting to discuss your business plan with employees, and allocate time for business-growing activities. This can be as aggressive as assigning a development captain, or as simple as establishing a Friday, late-afternoon time slot. Also, resolve to join local clubs like local business socials, trade organizations, or other meet-and-greet community events. We all know that networking is a business imperative, so let’s do it. This brings us to…

3. I resolve to realize that time spent away from the computer is just as valuable as time spent in front of it.

Get out of the office and go into the community, meet people, get inspired, and shake some trees. Leave the vacuum of the workplace and confront your business with a more outside-in approach. If applicable, visit your competitors, or step into your customers’ shoes. Experience and examine your own offering from their clients’ perspective.

In the creative industry, this resolution is all the more important. Ditch the blogs, and look for inspiration in the world around you. We bet that design solutions will be more relevant, more novel, and much more satisfying.

4. I resolve to better learn my business.

Don’t just rely on your gut, look to your resources—your books, your traffic analytics, trade articles. Is there a particular service or offering that keeps the customers coming? In what do you specialize? Where am I spreading myself too thin. We need to define these core strengths and focus specifically on them. We shouldn’t deny what keeps the money flowing!

 5. I resolve to use social media.

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but really, its an easy way to connect with your audience. A website is great but often only a one-way street that involves telling and not listening. How are you actually connecting with and engaging your audience?  What are they saying about you. Social media keeps you up-to-date with the word on the street. More on this topic can be found at our last post.

This is our list of recommended resolutions for 2013—let’s hear some of yours! Have any other goals that businesses should reach for in the new year? Share them here!