A Visit from St. Andrew’s School

  BHG’s Tony Valdez and Brittany Laughlin with SAS students Shown left to right: Melanie Ourhaan, Andrés Williams, and Brighton Sandt BHG began Tuesday by welcoming the yearbook class from Saint Andrew’s School. Led by their professor and the chair … read more

Solving Critical Problems with SVIMIC

With all of its pet fairs and dog parks, Savannah is well known for being a pet-friendly town. The city is home to many four-legged family members and when their health suffers, their families seek out health care with the … read more

Extant Fair: It’s All Part of the Experience

Extant Fair is a design studio and purveyor of finely crafted clothing and goods in Savannah, Georgia. Nearing their first anniversary, BHG recently launched their e-commerce site, growing the business and extending the store’s brand and presence. Extant Fair had … read more

5 Resolutions for Businesses in 2013

The holiday season has come to a close, and with it, 2012. As we head back into the daily grind and a into a fresh new year, it’s only customary to contemplate the new positive adjustments we’ll make for 2013. … read more

Get Social to Get Noticed

Among other things, we’re in the business of building websites, and we’ve inserted more social media icons into a site than you can shake a stick at. The truth is that nearly all businesses have succumb to the power of … read more

Bighouse Lands a Rebrand for Dyches Law Group

Dyches Law Group has provided legal counsel to the greater Savannah area for 17 years. Focused on real estate, Dyches recently subpoenaed bighouse graphix to complete a rebrand that gave a face to an already prominent name. For Dyches, bighouse graphix created … read more

Make the Logo Bigger!

Too often does the designer hear from the client “Make the Logo Bigger!”  The common misconception seems to follow the train of thought that if the logo isn’t big enough, the brand simply won’t be noticed, communicated, or even remembered. … read more

Sweet Success!

Local entrepreneur Michael Yocco is bringing his Bott’s Red Bell Pepper Sauce to retail, and bighouse graphix is pleased to have helped Mike design and develop their brand. Using an old family recipe, Yocco makes his delicious and versatile sauce from sweet … read more

CMS: Seriously, You Can Edit It Yourself

Content Management System-based websites—or CMS sites—have been around for over a decade, but are quickly becoming the staple for ease and flexibility on the web. Originally intended for blogging, CMS has been adopted by even the largest of corporations, giving … read more